5 Things Every Guitarist Needs

Whether you are IN your basement jam session or AT your weekend live gig, these items are a must!

After talking to guitarists of all levels it became apparent that there are 5 things that each of them can't live without. We're not talking about the obvious here namely Strings, Picks, Tuners, Capos etc... We are talking about those items that don't necessarily come to mind but can make all the difference. We decided to list them out for your convenience. Make sure to comment below with your thoughts and as always give us a follow on Instagram. Post your Boho photos for a chance to be featured on our account!



There is nothing worse than spending a lot longer than necessary stringing your guitar. Are we the only ones who get short onset carpul tunner from winding your tuning heads by hand?

This is one are where being lazy is acceptable people. Get yourself a string winder and stop the insanity. We love this Planet Waves String Winder because of its wire cutter feature. How convenient!


Up next on the list is the Nomad Cleaning Tool. Many of us guitarists fail to keep our guitars clean. Doing so can have major benefits to your playing. Whether you want to extend the llife of your strings or remove any dust build up on your hardware - this is the tool for you.

We might be guitarists but that doesn't mean we can't be sophisticated right? Well lets keep things clean from now one people! Keep your guitar clean so that you can dirty up your riffs a bit more.


We all learned to play the guitar. Shouldn't we learn how to make some small repairs and general upkeep on them as well? Its a no brainer. This Ernie Ball Tool kit is all you need.

It contains everything you need from minor string replacements and repairs to more intricate setups like truss rod and action adjustments. Grab one today guys. You'll be a better player when you are the one working on your gear.




We don't know about but we're tired of our guitars falling off during our rare moments pure shredding genius. According to Fender, these strap locks "The most reliable and hassle-free instrument strap lock system ever devised." Sooo I don't think there's too much convenicing to do here guys. Fenders says we need them so we'll get them.

Falling Guitar Syndrome takes the lives 5 guitars a day. To end this horrible epidemic get yourself a set of strap locks immediately!


Every guitarists out there loses guitar picks. It's even more mysterious than the missing sock phenomenon. So a guitar pick holder is essential. Well this guitar strap comes with a pick holder and the Bohemian crew absolutely loves it.

Not only is this strap fuctional but it is also incredibly comfortable as well. The picks pockets hold the picks securely and the convenience factor is appealing. This is a must have item.


Alright there is it Boho Nation. Our 5 items that every guitarist needs. If you have any obscure items that you use that you think we should check out let us know! Happy Jamming!

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