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MorrxItJtpawchblOBz3zR0XDE9VtpMJZY9_PJ_UKEQ Finally, a guitar that looks as remarkable as it sounds. The word, novelty, has two meanings. On the one hand it can detail something as new, original, and unique. It can also describe something as chiefly decorative and having no real value. Big difference when telling someone their product is a novelty… Having a company that makes musical instruments out of oil cans, “novelty” is a word we hear often. People see our eye-catching  “decorative” guitars and oftentimes assume it can’t have “any real value.” But my question is, why can’t the novel aspect of a Bohemian Guitar be assumed to take on the first interpretation of the word without the latter? There is no doubt these guitars are unique, but they serve not only as a decorative item but have true value in numerous ways as a musical instrument. The unique tone generated by the interaction of the metal oil can body and the pickup produces a sound so unique and harmonically rich that this guitar is anything but expendable. The beautiful thing about Bohemian Guitars is that they are appealing in many ways and attract people of all backgrounds, music related or not. Their unique appearance and sound allow for a decorative AND audible attraction, providing an opportunity to connect with the guitar both musically and aesthetically. And in the words of Reading Rainbow’s LeVar Burton, “But you don’t have to take my word for it…” Check out our YouTube channel and give the guitars a listen yourself. Or better yet, here is what G.Love has to on Premier Guitar mags rig rundown (fast forward to the 7:20 min mark).


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