Famous Buskers

Recently I have found my self encountering quite an array of street musicians on the streets of Atlanta. Most surprising about all of these interactions was that each and every one of them was seriously talented. It got me thinking about if any of them are going to "make it." I found myself really hoping that they do. 

Consequently I decided to do some research about famous musicians who also got their start on the street. The three artists below really caught my eye. I was at first surprised but as you start to really think about their music over the years it tends to make sense that they got their start as buskers.

BB King

Some of my favorite street musicians are guitarists. Granted I am a little biased but it is easy picturing BB King on a street corner playing his guitar for some spare change. There is no doubt he was the bukser with a huge crowd cheering him on. 

Tracy Chapman

Every busker that truly captures the attention of the people passing by has a killer voice. Tracy Chapman definitely fits the bill here. Her voice is incredibly intriguing surely captivated the interests of all the passers-by while she was busking on the streets of Boston.  


Street musicians tend to be great songwriters. I haven't quite figured out the special sauce but between playing covers they tend to bring out some killer originals. Beck is an artist that perfectly captures how the singer/songwriter mentality is the perfect fit for an intriguing busker.

If you have any favorite artists who started out on the streets make sure to comment. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on the topic as the fight to become a successful musician seems to get hard and harder as the years go on. 

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