How to Stand Out as a Musician in Today's World

By Colleen Kinsey from Coustii

Gone are the days when a select few turned to music as a source of profession. You might be painfully aware of the fact that nowadays, almost one in every eight people are inclined to musical instruments and swear by the fact (or wishful thinking), that they are contemplating being a musician as a professional choice. However, with an influx of musicians in the market, how do you grow? Isn’t that all a musician craves. To be heard, to be accepted, to be acknowledged and to be esteemed as one that stands out in a crowd of musicians out there. If you’re one of them and are struggling to be that ‘one in a million’, here’s some strong foundational things that you might have to consider to build a sturdy musician house: 

Invest in Instruments 

If you are reading this, know that you are one step closer to attaining your goals, because only those willing to work on themselves can get further in their career. You might have stumbled upon scores of other writings that talk about investing in instruments and we are pretty sure they’ve almost always mentioned this pointer as the last one. If you are a musician, know then, that this does not come at the very end of the chain. 

Your instrument, is your life. 

It is food for your unresting soul, the drive of your day and the penny in your pocket. Therefore, if it’s all you live and die for, why be a cheapskate? Invest in the best instrument that your field offers. Not only does this satisfy you and your growing fans but a serious investment in your instruments can increase your boost as a professional serious about your business and it will make business come to you. Think of it like, there are scouts in the crowd waiting to pick you and your seriousness in investing to have the best will set you apart among your competitors. This is one of the most important deals that a musician can make for himself. Even having a unique set of guitars, like those from Bohemian guitars can get you noticed and set apart in a crowd. 

There are too many benefits of having a great sounding instrument, for instance, it can reduce considerable amount of pain to the human body, improve sleep and lifestyle quality, relieve symptoms of depression, reduce stress and improve cognitive performance, to name a very selective few benefits. Having a passion for your instrument, you should also ensure to take care of your instruments properly. Since, you invested your life savings into this, make sure you make it last a long while, because there’s so much struggle down this road, you never know when you get a chance to get a new one. 

Build a brand

Building a brand around your talent is also one the most important things to do, because singularly, surviving this revolutionary market is a huge task and gone are the days, word of mouth had all the power associated to one's success. With technology building a base of survival in all arenas, building a brand name should be your next concern. However, your ego pulls and tugs at you saying, you don’t need strategy, let go of that voice and get to work. Here’s a couple ways you can build that up. 

Build your music website

I know you think having accounts on social media sites, is all that you need to do. Nope. Don’t get me wrong, it is also important. However, social media sites are to be only taken as a casual announcement site. What you should do is, get yourself a creative team of designers and developers, get them to make you a website where you can connect all the major social media accounts and make an announcement on a larger scale. You think it’s expensive? Nope. Domain names and hosting sites come very cheap nowadays. All you have to invest in is a creative team. It is essential to have high definition content to put up on your website. Good work upstage and low quality performance videos can make you look mediocre to the global audience and scouts hunting for musicians. 

Get yourself a manager 

To all the newbie’s into the field, we know you think you are tech savvy. Maybe true! When you hear this it’ll blow your mind. Even if you are on a small scale right now, get yourself a manager. Doesn’t have to be high end. If you are new into the field, then you need to spend hours practicing and brushing up your genius work and let the manager worry about getting you gigs. When the departments are split and work independently of each other, there’s a better quality of work done. You’ll be the best at what you are and you’ll get the best marketing, publicity and best gigs available. 

Demo packs

It is very rare but definitely possible that you run into situations and people at random bars, clubs and so on. These people maybe in a crunch of time to leave soon but if you think you’ve got potential buyers for your talent, leave them a demo pack of your performances. Sometimes, handing them over to these directors in under 10 seconds can be your destiny’s call. So, we are trying to tell you that market yourself beautifully and please be prepared. It shows dedication to art and to self. 

Work on your image 

You may think that, if the work is good, you’ll get work. Not truly true. You have to work on your image. Your dressing style. If people can resonate with your styling sense and the kind of person you portray yourself as, your fan base will grow. It's as simple as that. So quit being a lazy bum, and work yourself. Get into the best fitness conditions and make people fall in all love with not just your music but your personality.

Pay heed to fans 

It is highly important to have a team working behind the scenes, getting every social media work up done well but know that it is fans who make you grow. So have a personal touch with your fans. Interact with them and make them feel like they are just like you. Surprise fans in a concert, give them goodies. Bring a couple of them upstage. Makes them feel like they are a part of something bigger in life and it’ll keep you going as well.

Growth Strategy

This is what we call, the strategy of ages. Go local>Go national>Go International. The world is yours to take and it doesn’t grow on you, instantly. Aim big but take small steps. If you must, stay local and make them fall in love with you, then progress nationally and get a global acceptance. Patience, hard work and loads of blessings will get you further in life. 

All of this is what we call as the USP or Unique selling point. If you’ve got these covered, success is yours. This is exactly how you get to stand out as a musician in today’s world. It’s a hard task but to those who work hard, getting there is not hard!

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 Guest Post Author Bio – Colleen

Colleen has a passion for fitness, traveling, and ukuleles. She enjoys jamming, teaching, and getting others involved in music. Her website, Coustii, focuses specifically on guitars and ukes. Colleen loves to travel and uses her ukulele as a conversation starter on the road.

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