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Dear Boho Readers, Having not formally introduced myself to you, my name is AJ. I am the editor and head writer for the Bohemian Blog. I love writing about music. Going to shows and writing reviews or just simply whatever is on my mind at the time. However it’s not the only writing I do. For quite some time now I’ve been writing poetry. It’s a big passion of mine, and something I think the readers of this blog might enjoy. With a large focus on spoken word, I've added my audio as well as the text. This is something new I've never tried and will test the waters out with. Please don’t hesitate to comment and let us know if you enjoyed the poem. That way we can decide if this should become a more regular thing. Hope you enjoy, AJ   [audio wav="http://blog.bohemianguitars.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Reaching-for-the-Moon-poetry.wav"][/audio]     REACHING FOR THE MOON   Now I see the sun every day, and yeah she’s hot, And it’s not like my ladies not, But people don’t notice, and that’s the way it goes, But I’m in love with the moon for the way that she glows, The way that she is her own entity, But consumes others energy, And produces light, In my darkest of times, she makes it bright, And she’s so shy, rarely showing her whole self, And when she does I got to share her with everyone else, Like Oh, now you focus, But when she was just a crescent in the crowd, a glimmer in the clouds, I was the one who would notice, And my moon my moon, don’t you see, Being with you is one small step for man but one giant leap for me, So I continue to reach for my unique moon amongst thousands of stars, But every time that I reach I realize she stays just as far, Cause she’s let some guys close before but they walked on her, Came in and marked their territory like she was something to conquer, So I think she looks at other guys like why bother, Or maybe she just doesn’t want to bother with me, who knows, But I’ll forever love my moon for the way that she glows  


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