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December 25, 2016

Stage Survival Kit: 7 Essential Items to Pack for Your Next Gig

Stage Survival Kit: 7 Essential Items to Pack for Your Next Gig

1. Earplugs

When the music gets too loud, you need to protect your ears. Keep your hearing safe with a pair of comfortable earplugs while you keep entertaining the crowd. Check out We're hEAR For You, they do amazing work!

2. A Spare Guitar Strap and Strings

There’s nothing worse than getting into your performance and getting thrown off guard if your guitar strap or strings pop. Just as you drive with a spare tire in case any of your tires go flat while you’re driving, you need to have essential spares while you’re on stage. So, pack a spare guitar strap and spare strings.

3. Pen and Paper

You need a pen, or pencil, and paper to write down the sets of music you plan to play so you don’t forget what is coming up next.

4. Backup Batteries and Amplifier

If you have an electrical guitar or you use an amplifier, you need a backup plan should the power in your venue go out. These tools will help you keep the music going regardless of the situation.

5. Adapters and Cables

It’s important to have your own set of extension cords and electrical adapters in case the venue that is hosting your performance doesn’t have the power cords or outlets you need. You also want to make sure you pack a variety of cables to cover essential guitar accessories, such as cables for your speakers and guitar.

6. First Aid Kit — for You and for Your Gear

When you’re in the moment, it can be surprising that you could get hurt. One jump in the air or strumming the strings of your guitar too hard can lead to unnecessary cuts and bruises. Make sure you’re prepared for this by packing a first aid kit. Pack a “first aid kit” for your musical gear, too: Have gaffer tape on hand to fix your equipment, including loose cables, a shaky mic stand or even shoes that become leaky. Keeping a first aid kit and gaffer tape on hand will give you peace of mind to keep injuries or mishaps at bay.

7. Tuning Supplies: String Cutters, Pedal Tuner and Pliers

When you have a gig coming up, you need to ensure you have the right tools on hand to tune and adjust the sound of your guitar. So, stay prepared by packing string cutters, a tuner pedal and pliers. You can use the pliers to tighten your guitar strings to achieve the right sound, and you need string cutters to cut strings that are too long when you replace them. If you’re playing outdoors, a pedal tuner will come in handy when you want to achieve the right sound. Remember to pack a spare as well.

Final Thoughts

The next time you head out to your upcoming performance, stay prepared with the right gear. When you pack the right tools, you can relax and focus on giving the best performance for your gig. Find all the right tools for your next gig at Bohemian Guitars.

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