December 25, 2016

Are you a music lover? Are you a multitasker? If you're both, music-themed podcasts may be perfect for you. Whenever you're driving, working out or cleaning your home, you can turn on one of these streaming shows and listen to passionate experts.

In particular, popular guitar-related podcasts can be rich sources of info about that beloved instrument. And it's easy to be swept away by the songs they play.

Check out these streaming programs, all of which have fervent fan bases and rockin' reputations.

1. The Guitar Podcast

The Guitar Podcast delves into just about every imaginable aspect of guitars, including buying them and learning to play them. As such, it speaks to beginners as well as experts. A highlight of the show is when the hosts answer questions from listeners.

2. The Guitar Channel

The Guitar Channel is another podcast that's devoted to every conceivable facet of the guitar. The interviews here are riveting. Whether host Pierre Journel is speaking with a custom guitar maker such as Newfoundland's Sharleen Simmons or a tribute musician such as Oscar Rosende, the conversations are thorough and sometimes emotional.

3. Guitar Radio Show

When you tune into Guitar Radio Show, you might be one of the first to hear a future superstar. Mark Daven, remembering his days as a struggling musician, created this program as a showcase for up-and-comers. Their talent is refreshing; their enthusiasm is contagious.

4. Switched on Pop

For a more generalized musical discussion, try Switched on Pop. Hosts Charlie Harding and Nate Sloan, who produce the show in New York and Los Angeles, explore songs that are currently popular from all sorts of intellectual angles. Once you've considered their historical, philosophical and cultural contexts, you might never listen to Taylor Swift or One Direction in the same way again!

While the personalities of these podcasts vary, they'll all keep you abreast of some of the industry's most exciting innovations. And when you listen to them with friends or loved ones, they just might provoke friendly arguments or spontaneous dance sessions. 

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