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I have a feeling that every music lover out there has at least one band that they would call disappointing. Maybe you loved one of their songs, or they blew you away live. Yet somehow they never lived up to potential you saw in them. For me, the band might surprise you, because they have had more success than most bands ever will. None the less, Maroon 5 has always drove me insane with how disappointing they are to me. To this day I still think, “Songs About Jane,” is an incredible album. It lasted for years on the billboards top 100, with four major singles coming off of it. It was an album that could span between so many different generations and genres. The first song I heard off this album was the band’s first single, “Harder To Breathe.” The combination of Adam Levine’s pop voice, a heavy but catchy distorted guitar, and pop/jazz mix for the drums made this song great. The song was alternative rock at its finest and yet still found itself playing on pop stations as well. With the radio waves being a sea of Britneys, Nsyncs, and Nellys, I remember this song being something so refreshing to me. [ezcol_1third] [caption id="attachment_1164" align="alignright" width="246"]Adam Levine Adam Levine[/caption] [/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third] [caption id="attachment_1163" align="alignright" width="246"]Adam Levine and James Valentine Adam Levine and James Valentine[/caption] [/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third_end] [caption id="attachment_1162" align="alignright" width="246"]James Valentine James Valentine[/caption] [/ezcol_1third_end] The next three singles off the album kept the band relevant for years before releasing something new. “This Love,” “She Will Be Loved,” and “Sunday Morning,”  showed off Maroon 5’s amazing range. Besides the alternative rock style of “Harder To Breathe,” the band showed moments of jazz, funk, and soul. Levine had quickly separated himself from the average front man, showing that he had the talent to be something huge. This album was so big that Maroon 5 was able to stay touring for four years after its release in 2002. They even won a Grammy for best new artist in 2005. Maroon 5 has released four albums since “Songs About Jane.” However, they have steered quite far from their alternative soul sound they started with. Honestly, I can’t blame. Even though their new stuff has a much more pop sound that doesn’t pull me in, they have been able to maintain and grow their commercial success with their new style. They have had two different singles reach number one on the Top 100 billboard charts. Something that “Songs About Jane” never did. The band has also become the third most-played artist on Top 40 Mainstream Radio. Making them one of Interscope Records most successful acts. So maybe “Moves like Jagger” isn't aiming for my ears as much as the 14 year old girl who is going to scream for Adam when “The Voice” comes on. Perhaps the general population of music listeners would rather hear the electric-pop sounds of the new age Maroon 5. I’m sure there’s a major group out there that couldn't care less about Maroon 5 altogether. I don’t mind being different, and I don’t see myself conforming anytime soon. When a track from “Songs About Jane” comes on I get a bit nostalgic and cheerful, as well as disappointed for what could have been.


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