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tumblr_inline_n301e6wtuK1s654wa There are so many reasons why music is better than silence…so I narrowed it down to the most compelling six:
1. If it’s too quiet for too long you will start hearing noises that may or may not actually be there. And it will freak you out.  Maybe a high pitched beep that’s all in your head or a hum from a faltering fluorescent light bulb. Or worse, you start making your own mumbles and sounds which slowly mature into you talking to yourself. Studies have shown that library-like silence is detrimental to creativity. So put some music on and get interesting. 2. When there is silence, the door is open for someone to talk to you.  Who wants that?  Keep the music on.  Keep the music loud.  And save the silence for your pesky neighbor. 3. On the flip side, music can attract— like Persephone’s Sirens.  While you are outside doing yard work, blast something melodious and watch how it lures passersby to your rocky curb.  If it’s your pesky neighbor again, give him the rake and go take a break.  But typically people find their husband or wife through the mythical practice of luring with music.  Something like 94% of relationships start this way.  I just can’t seem to find the study to back it up… 4. Music provides rhythm for whatever task is at hand. If you are eating, the frequency of lifting fork to mouth and the pace at which you chew are influenced by the tempo of the music.  In a hurry to throw back some breakfast?  How about some Ratatat with your Rice Krispies. Trying to enjoy ice-cream before you go to bed?  Try a little Bach with your brownie sundae. 5. While driving in silence may provide you with time to reflect on the day ahead or the day behind you and the opportunity to be “one with your thoughts”…in all honesty, your thoughts are a little creepy and you shouldn’t ever be alone with them.  Instead, share your thoughts alongside your favorite lead singer for a duet of driving deliberations. 6. Music can be used to show people how hip and awesome you are and often why you are more awesome and hipper than they are.  How can someone know anything about you if you sit there and hack at a keyboard listening to only the sounds of  pecking on plastic.  Instead, put on some Dawes or Pearl Jam and see what happens.  Scenario 1:  person walks by while you hammer the keyboard.  They give a smug grin and smirk as they call you a loser under their breath. Scenario 2:  person walks by, hears Eddie’s voice, and immediately proceeds to take mental notes—on how they need to start dressing, whether they should rest their fingers on the “home keys” while there is a pause in typing,  and what computer to use—so they can try to match your vibe. Remember, music is a dish best served always.


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