Unique Guitar Gifts for Every Price Range

If you have a guitar player in your life, their musical interest gives you a great starting point for selecting a unique gift. To help you find the best gift for your guitar player, we’ve organized our favorite unique guitar related gift ideas by popular price ranges. 

Best Unique Guitar Gifts Under $10

Under ten dollars is the perfect price range for extended family birthday presents, office Christmas parties, white elephant exchanges, Secret Santa assignments, and other occasions when a major gift would be out of place or out of budget. $10 normally limits your options, but there are plenty of unique guitar related gifts that incredibly affordable. Here are our top three choices: 

  1. Guitar picks. Guitar players go through picks all the time, and the variety available means you can always find something different, no matter how experienced the guitar player is. You can find a great selection of stylish picks at most music stores for very reasonable prices. For example, at Bohemian we sell a five pack of quality Bohemian Delrin picks for three bucks.
  2. A capo. For beginning and advanced players, a capo will open up all kinds of new creative opportunities. It’s an absolute must for any guitar player adding vocals or looking to play along with their favorite artist’s songs.  Entry level capos can be had for $5-8 on most online marketplaces. Read the reviews carefully as the quality of design at this price point varies widely.
  3. A set of guitar strings. A good set of strings can be had for $5-8 from most manufacturers. We sell our own line of Bohemian guitar strings in that price range. Just make sure you buy electric strings for an electric guitar and acoustic strings for an acoustic guitar.

 Best Unique Guitar Gifts Under $30

 Thirty dollars is a perfect limit for an understated but thoughtful gift. The beauty of guitar gifts is that there are so many truly useful and unique guitar gifts available for under $30. Since this range is such a common gifting situation and there are so many great guitar gift options in it, we could only narrow to our top four choices. 

  1. A stylish guitar strap. A unique guitar strap can add character to your guitar player’s favorite guitar. Good straps range from $10-$50 and come in an endless variety of styles and materials. Just be sure to purchase a strap that is durable and functional. We’re partial to our seatbelt inspired guitar straps, which can be purchased for less than $15.
  2. A pick punch. In the old days, many players cut their own picks out of credit cards and other materials they had laying around. Pick punches, which can be purchased in the $20-$30 range, take that idea to the next level and allow players to create professional looking picks out of a variety of materials.
  3. A good clip on tuner. Quality clip on tuners allow for exact tuning in noisy places. A solid clip-on tuner can be purchased in the $15-$30 range.
  4. Guitar themed clothing. Guitarists have their own unique fashion, and at Bohemian we offer a full line of hoodies, t-shirts, beanies, and other clothing featuring iconic Bohemian designs.


Best Unique Guitar Gifts Under $100

 This price range is more serious and requires the right situation and budget, but the quality of guitar gifts available for under $100 is impressive. Here are our favorites:

  1.  A gig bag or case. Gig bags double as instrument protection and gear storage. Just make sure the gig bag shape fits the guitar. Bohemian brand gig bags retail for $59, and they’re specifically designed to fit Bohemian’s unique oil can guitar shape.
  2. A harmonica set and neck holder. Harmonica has a long tradition of being paired with guitar, and musicians like Bob Dylan and Neil Young popularized the use of neck holders to allow simultaneous playing of the guitar and harmonica. If your guitarist has a bent for folk music and haunting harmonica solos, a harmonica set and neck holder is a must have.
  3. A high-quality USB interface. At some point most guitarists will want to record themselves. With the plethora of recording software available (including the absolutely free audacity), the main issue is moving audio from the guitar into an electronic format a computer can work with. USB interfaces do just this, and surprisingly high-quality models can be found in the $60-$100 range all over the internet.


Best Unique Guitar Gifts Under $500

 If you have the budget, $500 is definitely an appropriate spend now and then for a gift for a significant other, child, or parent. If you’re smart with your shopping, $500 will by you performance level instruments and gear that will be used and appreciated for years. Here are our top recommendations:

  1. A Bohemian Oil Can Guitar! For $300-$400 you can buy an incredibly unique Bohemian hollow body electric guitar. If your guitar player hasn’t purchased one of our instruments already, they’ve probably never played something like it before. The “Wow” factor is off the charts, and the studio recording level sound quality will keep them playing it every day.
  2. A Ukulele or a Bass. Closely related to the guitar, these two instruments are perfect for guitar players to branch out to. Ukuleles are typically cheaper than guitars (our performance grade Uke retails for $199). A bass will be about the same price as a guitar. We frequently sell out of both of these, but if you’re lucky enough to get one from from us, we highly recommend it.
  3. A quality Amp. For $200-$500 you can get a high-quality amp that will greatly improve the sound of any electric guitar compared to cheaper counterparts.

 If you’re looking to spend more than $500 on a unique guitar gift, we recommend reaching out to a professional to ask about options. Even for smaller budgets, we love making recommendations and hearing about the happiness the gifts bring. If you want help picking out a unique guitar related gift, please do contact us and ask.