What is your return policy?

We know what it's to like buy a guitar and we understand that many guitar players want to give a guitar a test drive before they buy it. We also know that "feel" can be difficult to convey through a website (we're changing that). If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your Boho you may return it with in 30 business days for a full refund. To return your order please email us at info@bohemianguitars.com

Do you offer repairs or replacement plans?

Please work directly with the dealer/retailer you purchased from to learn about their return policy.

What gauge strings come on a Boho Ukulele?

Our ukuleles use electric guitar strings. We are currently using strings with gauges .14 (G), .20 (C), .17 (E), .12 (A)

What size are the Boho Ukuleles?

Our Boho Ukuleles are Soprano ukes. They are tuned GCEA.

I signed up for the free pick giveaway and never received any picks. What do I do?

If you signed up for the free pick giveaway, are located in the US and never received your picks, please send us an email to info@bohemianguitars.com with your name and shipping address. We will have some picks shipped out to you within the following week.

Can a Bohemian Guitar be played acoustically?

Our guitars are meant to be played electrically. While there is some sound produced acoustically, it is not enough to be heard in a noisy room.

What gauge strings come on a Bohemian Guitar?

All of our guitars ship with 9 gauge electric guitar strings. 

What if I need to make a truss rod adjustment?

All Bohemian Guitars have a truss rod and adjustments can be made just like any other guitar you own.

Where can I try a Bohemian Guitar?

Bohemian Guitars are available in retail chains across the country. Search for a store using our store locator or purchase from Guitar Center.