Where can I track my order?

Login to your account to track your order Or go here.

What is your return policy?

We know what it's to buy a guitar and we understand that many guitar players want to give a guitar a test drive before they buy it. We also know that "feel" can be difficult to convey through a website (we're changing that). If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your Boho you may return it with in 30 business days for a full refund. To return your order please email us at info@bohemianguitars.com

Do you offer repairs or replacement plans?

Do you offer repairs or replacement plans? It's important to us that your Boho becomes one of your favorite instruments, one that lasts a lifetime. If your Boho should give you problems within the first 12 months following the original purchase please contact us at info@bohemianguitars.com. If a component of the guitar has failed due to a factory defect, we will happily send you a replacement part. Typical wear and tear, strings, damage to due extreme temperature or humidity, damage resulting from customizations/ repairs not performed by Bohemian Guitars are not covered.

What gauge strings come on a Boho Ukulele?

Our ukuleles use electric guitar strings. We are currently using strings with gauges .14 (G), .20 (C), .17 (E), .12 (A)

What size are the Boho Ukuleles?

Our Boho Ukuleles are Soprano ukes. They are tuned GCEA.

I signed up for the free pick giveaway and never received any picks. What do I do?

If you signed up for the free pick giveaway, are located in the US and never received your picks, please send us an email to info@bohemianguitars.com with your name and shipping address. We will have some picks shipped out to you within the following week.

Do you make guitars out of old oil cans?

Yes we do! We call these guitars our Vintage Series guitars. We occasionally add new Vintage Series guitars to our website, but if you do not see one that you like, send an email to info@bohemianguitars.com or call us at +1 (855) 982-2646 and we can discuss building your own Vintage Series Boho.

If I have an old oil can, can I send it to you to be built into a Vintage Series guitar?

Absolutely! If you have an oil can you want to use, send an email to info@bohemianguitars.com and we can verify whether the can is usable, as well as discuss further steps and pricing.

What does a Bohemian Guitar sound like?

Our Bohos have a unique tone thanks to the pickups interacting with the metal body of our guitars. They are more twangy than your average electric guitar. To hear for yourself, watch this video

Can a Bohemian Guitar be played acoustically?

Our guitars are meant to be played electrically. While there is some sound produced acoustically, it is not enough to be heard in a noisy room.

Do you sell strings for your guitars?

Yes we do. We have Super Light (9s), Regular Light (10s), and Medium Gauge (11s) strings available here.

Where are your guitar strings made?

All Bohemian nickel electric guitar strings are hand wound in the U.S.A.

What gauge strings come on a Bohemian Guitar?

All of our guitars ship with 9 gauge electric guitar strings. Hand wound in the U.S.A.

Can you make a custom guitar designed for my business/brand?

Yes, we are able to work with you to create a design on the body of the guitar exactly how you want it. Send an email to info@bohemianguitars.com or call us at +1 (855) 982-2646 and we can discuss further.

What is the difference between the Boho Series and Clearance Ukuleles?

The clearance ukuleles have minor cosmetic damages to them, including dings and scratches. These damages are purely aesthetic and do not affect the playability of the instrument.

What if I need to make a truss rod adjustment?

All Bohemian Guitars have a truss rod and adjustments can be made just like any other guitar you own.

What is Bohemian Guitars phone number?

Our phone number is 1-855-982-BOHO. The best way to get in contact with us is by email at info@bohemianguitars.com. There will be a Customer Happiness Ninja available during regular business hours. If however you reach our voicemail please leave a detailed message and include your order number and email address. One our Ninja's will reach back out to you via email within 24 - 48 hours.

How do I become a Bohemian Guitars Ambassador?

To become a Bohemian Guitars Ambassador, follow the directions and sign up on our ambassador page.

Where can I try a Bohemian Guitar?

Bohemian Guitars are available in retail chains across the country. Search for a store using our store locator.

Can you sponsor a YouTube video or blog review?

You may apply to our sponsored review program by signing-up or sending an email to info@bohemianguitars.com. Please send us an email about your website or blog and why you think that you can help expose a large number of people to Bohemian Guitars that have never heard about us and our products before.
Please be aware that we receive multiple requests a day so you should only expect to hear back if we are interested in working with you at this time.
When you send the email please make sure to list monthly traffic numbers for your blog, subscriber counts, and anything else that you think will help you stand out from the thousands of applicants we have had in the past.

Can I do a YouTube review on my own?

You can certainly do a video review of your Bohemian Guitar completely on your own whenever you would like. To make sure you get a lot of views to your video we recommend the following steps to make sure that people can easily find and discover your video. Title: Give your video a descriptive title that entices people to want to watch your video.“Boho Surf Wax Guitar Review from Bohemian Guitars - This Is How I Boho”, is a lot better than “Bohemian Guitars Review Video”.
Description Box: Have http://www.bohemianguitars.com be the very first line (so people can easily check us out) or if reviewing the Boho Surf Wax for example have a direct link to the product page be the very first link that shows in the description box (https://www.bohemianguitars.com/bohemian-surfwax-electric-guitar). Then describe something about your review and what you thought of Bohemian Guitars in the description box so people can easily and quickly see what your video is about.
Tags Section: Add tags to help other people find your video when they are on youtube. Add ‘guitar’ ‘guitars’ ‘electric guitar’ ‘bohemian guitars’, etc. You can also add tags for other company names so that when people are watching videos from other companies they can find out about us!