We’re considering letting our customers become investors in Bohemian Guitars and we want your feedback.

In the past, only wealthy investors and venture capitalists had the opportunity to buy stock in private companies like Facebook and GoPro before they went public. That has just changed and as of June 2015, the JOBS Act now allows anyone to invest in private companies. In light of this, we’re considering filing with the SEC to let our customers buy shares in Bohemian Guitars. 

It’s time to take the business to the next level, and as one of our early adopters, we want you to have the chance to share in our success.

If we do go ahead, we’ll use the funds to create new product lines that you’ve been asking us for and to expand our marketing so that more people can hear about Bohemian Guitars.

This isn’t an offer to invest, and as of now you can’t actually buy shares. but if you think you might be interested, please click below. 

[enter link here]

Indicating your interest in no way obligates you to any future action.


Adam and Shaun
Co-Founders , Bohemian Guitars