Bohemian Guitars: The Science Behind The Music

Our metal Bohemian bodies allow for a unique interaction to take place. Not only are our guitar pickups sensing the vibrations of the guitar strings, but they are also picking up a new range of vibrations emitted from our metal Boho bodies. This produces a much richer and wider range of tones.


As you know, an electric guitar produces sound via a magnetic pickup. The pickup mounts to the guitar body and “senses” the vibrations from the guitar strings.

The pickup is a series of bar magnets with copper wire wrapped around it as many as 10,000 times—making it an electromagnet.  The vibrations of the strings lead to vibrating currents in the coil of the electromagnet. On a Bohemian Guitar, the vibrations produced from the strings are also transferred into the metal body of the oil can. This leads to the pickup “sensing” the vibrations from the strings and the vibrations from the body of the guitar itself. This creates a unique, rich tone unlike a traditional wooden-bodied electric guitar. 

How well the vibrations from the can are “picked up” varies by the type of pickup used. Humbucker pickups have two coils of opposite polarity right next to each other. They don’t pick up as much “interference” as other pickups.

Bohemian Surf Wax is our Boho model most susceptible to the vibrations of the oil can. Its inherent harmonically clean tone is a great fit with our metal bodies. The P90 pickup provides the perfect mix between the single coil and humbucker pickups. It offers a nice, clean tone that’s not too bright while still maintaining a warmth that isn't  too heavy.

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