The Story Behind Bohemian Guitars

Our Story The story of Bohemian Guitars spans two continents, multiple countries, and a boundless passion for music and creativity. It begins in Johannesburg, South Africa, the hometown of co-founders and brothers Adam and Shaun Lee. While growing up in Johannesburg, Shaun was struck by the resourcefulness of the musicians in local townships. Undeterred by lack of access to more traditional instruments, these musicians would repurpose discarded materials into playable, beautiful, pieces of art. These guitars were totally unique and truly theirs, built with their own hands out of whatever was available. This connection between the musicians and their instruments left an indelible impression on Shaun that he couldn’t shake even after moving to Atlanta, Georgia.


Inspired by the ingenuity he had seen back home, he began hand-crafting guitars in his parents’ basement out of unusual materials, like old oil cans and scrap metal. Shaun knew he was building something distinctive, and Adam agreed. Bohemian Guitars was born, and guitars were soon flying out the door to the local music community and beyond. What Makes Our Guitars Different? We are glad you asked! Most importantly, each of our guitars is unique to you. These beauties are fully customizable, so you can design a guitar that expresses exactly who you are. Our guitars are lighter, with a smaller body shape that allows increased access to the higher frets (and whole new sonic worlds)!


Constructed with an extended tenon design, the neck extends to the end of the can. The internal wood structure inside of the body creates exceptional balance and weight distribution, so these guitars always rest comfortably. The removable back panel, very unique to Bohemian Guitars, gives easy access to the entire interior of the guitar body. Our innovative design leads to an equally distinctive tone. These guitars are harmonically rich, with the pickups and metal bodies of the instrument melding into a beautifully open, airy tone (and a hint of metallic twang). Notes bloom as they are played, gathering strength and richness as they resonate. We are also committed to building our guitars sustainably. Bohemian Guitars use less lumber than a traditional electric guitar, with the necks coming from sustainable forests or reclaimed woods, and the bodies are made partially from recycled materials.


Additionally, we plant ten tree with every order received through our partner, Trees for the Future, an organization dedicated to improving the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded lands. Anything Else? Bohemian Guitars is the culmination of a lifetime of inspiration.


The innovators that influenced us in Johannesburg had a special relationship with their instruments, each one as unique as the person who made it. We think you will find the same spirit in our guitars, and we hope that you enjoy playing them as much as we enjoy making them for you!